OnePlus 5T is No Longer Available in North America


OnePlus’ head of global marketing, Kyle Kiang, recently spoke with Engadget and he confirmed the company’s flagship OnePlus 5T smartphone will no longer be available on the North American market. I realize that sounds like a pretty extreme statement out of left field, but there’s a good reason behind it.

According to Kiang, OnePlus is pulling the smartphone out of North America due to supply restrictions. The company only ever plans to produce so many handsets per flagship, and so far, there’s been extremely high demand for the phone. This means OnePlus can’t produce enough units it needs to fulfill everyone’s wishes, so that means getting out of one of the largest markets in the world at least for the time being.

Don’t get it twisted, this doesn’t mean OnePlus is exiting North America altogether. Rather, it simply means they won’t sell the 5T here anymore. The company’s upcoming flagship, currently known as the OnePlus 6, will near certainly be sold here alongside every other phone the company comes out with. But thanks to overwhelming demand, the 5T will only be sold in North America by third-parties instead of directly from OnePlus due to insufficient supplies.

If you’re wondering when this change will go into effect, it already has. If you visit OnePlus’ website, you’ll notice the device is out of stock. This goes for other phones listed as well including the OnePlus 5, 3T, and 3. In the end, you’ll just have to wait for the 6 to come out before you can buy another OnePlus phone straight from the company in North America.

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