Apple to ‘Likely’ Include Pencil Support on Cheaper iPad

According to a KGI Securities note from Ming-Chi Kuo (via 9to5Mac), Apple’s upcoming iPad that will be priced cheaper than last year’s 9.7-inch model “will likely” support the Apple Pencil. First indications of this presumption surfaced when Apple sent out its press invite for next week’s education event in Chicago which looks like it was sketched using a Pencil. Now, it seems the company will include support for the stylus in the lower-end model to accommodate the needs of users such as students.

It’s worth noting that Kuo isn’t specifically saying the new iPad will come with Apple Pencil support. Rather, he’s simply making a guess based on current information. The reason he published his guess was to project how many more units of the Pencil the company will move this year. (By the way, Kuo says sales will double this year from 4-4.5 million units last year to 9-10 million units.)

At least for now, basically everything about the cheaper iPad is a guess. We don’t know if it’ll support the Pencil, if it’ll support the Smart Keyboard, how much it’ll cost when it launches – practically nothing. All we know is it’ll be targeted at the education market and “likely” include Pencil support. Of course, when more info surfaces, we’ll let you know.


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