Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 May Ship with an In-Display Fingerprint Reader After All


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Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 9 was recently in the news for being reported to have dropped an in-display fingerprint reader after the company was preparing to include it. This feature would let users unlock their phone or make mobile purchases simply by placing their finger on the display which would authenticate their print using recently-introduced technologies. As it turns out, however, this may not be true…

According to The Korea Herald, Samsung’s display division has cooked up three or four ways for the company to implement an embedded fingerprint scanner into the Note 9’s display. Not only do the methods exist, but Samsung is said to be seriously considering them as well. Plus, the report notes there’s still enough time for manufacturers to improve their technology up to Samsung’s standards before the phone is released this August, therefore indicating even more possible ways of implementation may be available.

While we can’t confirm any of this information, it is nice to see that Samsung hasn’t given up on the Note 9’s in-display fingerprint scanner just yet. We expect to see the technology in lots of phones this year so it would only make sense for the company to use it in one of their flagships. Let’s just hope things don’t fall through the cracks.


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