Microsoft Will Release the Windows 10 Spring 2018 Update in April


Microsoft’s spring 2018 update for Windows 10 will be released this April. Word first came in of the news via a Microsoft blog post that was just updated today to reveal when Redstone 4, the name developers use to identify the upcoming software upgrade, would be seeded to the public. This comes after we first heard the update may be called the Spring Creators Update last week.

We’re also hearing how long Microsoft will support the update when its released to all Windows 10 users. According to their blog post, the company will support the software up until October 2019, a standard 18-month support cycle that tends to apply to many Windows 10 upgrades. We don’t know exactly when the update will be seeded or when it’ll exactly lose formal support from Microsoft, but we expect more information in the near future as we draw closer to the update’s release.

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