Google Brings the Assistant to the iPad

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Google today announced it’s bringing the Assistant to Apple’s iPad. This comes after the voice-controlled virtual helper initially launched on Android phones and later on the iPhone.

With the Assistant on your iPad, Google says you can do things like control your lights, cast things to your TV, place video calls, text your friends, and set reminders. Mind you, while there are more commands available, you’ll still be limited as far as what you can accomplish with the Assistant on iOS. In other words, you won’t enjoy all the benefits of using it like you would on an Android device.

That being said, many folks who have used both the Assistant and Apple’s Siri recommend the former over the latter by a long shot. To me, I have to agree since Google’s voice bot understands both context and commands better than Apple’s offering day to day.

As an exclusive to the iPad, Google will even let you use the Assistant in multitasking on iOS 11. This will let you access it easier than navigating back to your home screen and tapping on its icon every time you want to execute a command.

Everyone can download the Assistant for iPad now for free from the App Store.


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