Notifications suggest Google may refresh its wearable OS.

Google may be gearing up to rebrand its Android Wear smartwatch operating system. According to a notification received by a Reddit user (via Android Police) and additional commentary from 9to5Google, the Mountain View company might be prepping a refresh of the OS with a new name and new logo.

Specifically, it looks like Google will rebrand Android Wear as “Wear OS” and pair it with a new, stylized “W” in place of the previous logo. It remains unclear whether Google will go forth with the changes, but it makes sense to see changes like this since Android Wear hasn’t performed as well as Google has hoped in recent memory. A potential refresh of the platform may change that.

Other than the new name and logo, we know nothing about this mysterious Wear OS. Of course, we’ll probably hear something about the rebranding at Google I/O 2018 this May if it’s real so stay tuned. Until then, we remain skeptical as to what Google may have up its sleeve for your wrist.