And so the back and forth continues.

We’ve all known about the whole Instagram-Snapchat-copycat thing for years at this point, and it looks like its Snapchat’s turn to start bringing over some of its biggest competitor’s features to its own mobile apps. As spotted by Matt Rappaport and reported by TechCrunch, Snapchat is currently testing the ability for users to tag other users within Snaps by including their username in a text field. This would allow other users who look at your Story to tap that username and go find out who you tagged. It’s similar to Instagram’s feature that works the exact same way.


Of course, there are some differences between the features. For one, there is no autofill feature which, on Instagram, would let you view a list of usernames that match what you’re typing in. On Snapchat, you’ll need to remember the exact username you’re trying to find. Tagged users also won’t know if you tag them in a Snap which, while isn’t a big deal, may lead to a negative response from users who promote privacy on apps like these.

Snapchat confirmed they’re testing the feature to TechCrunch but didn’t reveal when the feature will go live. For now, it’s clear the competition between Snapchat and Instagram is still heated and, so far, the firefighters still have no idea where the flames are.

Via: The Verge