Google Allowing Third-Parties to Build Custom Commands for Assistant

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Google has announced during SXSW 2018 its opening the Assistant up to third-parties so OEMs can build custom commands for different products. For instance, if your oven has the Assistant built in, you could ask the Assistant to “set the oven to convection and preheat to 350 degrees.” Before, manufacturers were limited to commands built by Google like “turn on”, “turn off”, and “turn the temperature down” to control different devices. Now, Google’s letting anyone with custom hardware build different commands that will make it easier to use their devices.

If you recall, we recently heard of custom commands for phones as well. Back at MWC, Google opened the Assistant up to smartphone OEMs to build custom commands for different devices. For example, LG is taking advantage of it with the new V30S. Today’s news is similar to this. By opening the Assistant up to third-party hardware, manufacturers can make different experiences more enjoyable by integrating Google’s software even deeper than before.

In addition, Google is also updating the Assistant with better media playback for things like interactive stories, clips from TV shows, relaxing sounds, and news briefings. Developers can also now build notifications for different services like news outlets and stock monitors that will alert you when an update comes in. It’s likely we’ll start seeing devices and services with this deeper integration in the near future as Google is granting access to the necessary tools now.


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