You No Longer Need to Say ‘Hey’ to Invoke Microsoft’s Cortana

Are you a fan of small updates? Today’s your lucky day. Microsoft has confirmed it’s dropping its previous requirement that meant users needed to say “Hey Cortana” to invoke its voice assistant. Now, users of the assistant can simply say “Cortana” followed by their command. The change was first implemented last week with the Harmon Kardon Invoke speaker.

Yeah, okay, saying just “Cortana” doesn’t necessarily speed up the process of doing things with your voice a ton, but it does put Cortana on par with Amazon’s Alexa in which you simply only need to say the assistant’s name to summon it. For those who are¬†curmudgeons, you can still say “Hey Cortana.”

The updated voice phrase should roll out to Windows 10 PCs and users of the apps available for iOS and Android soon.