Instagram Could Get a Portrait Mode of its Own


It looks like Instagram could eventually get its own version of portrait mode. According to code and iconography discovered inside the Android version of the app, the company could soon introduce portrait mode as a feature of the camera interface within Instagram. This isn’t the first time a potential new feature was discovered within Instagram’s code as just last week, voice and video calling was revealed as an upcoming new feature.


Via TechCrunch, we have the above image indicating portrait mode is already being implemented in the Android version of Instagram. Of course, it’s pretty safe to say we can also expect the feature from the iOS version as well. Right now, it remains unclear how the feature would work, but presumably, Instagram would use various algorithms to blur the background of a subject sort of like how Google implements it on the Pixel 2.

We’ve yet to hear when this feature might start rolling out, so for now, we don’t have much more info to share. We’ll, obviously, let you know when we do.

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