Instagram is always adding new features to its mobile apps, and now it looks like voice and video calling is next. According to a breakdown of one of the latest Instagram for Android APK’s code (via TechCrunch), the social platform is looking to add voice and video calling to its Direct messaging service in the near future. Iconography and strings of code were all discovered in the app which points to the features debuting soon.


If you recall, Snapchat also has video and voice calling in its app, so it’s fair to say it looks like Instagram is copying its biggest rival yet again. The first time Instagram did this was back in 2016 when they introduced Stories, an alternative to Snapchat’s main selling feature. Ever since then, they’ve basically brought over Snapchat’s entire app to different areas of Instagram’s mobile apps. Now, it looks like they’ll do the same with voice and video calling.

It remains unknown when Instagram will introduce the new features, but we’ll let you know when they do.


Posted by Max Buondonno

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