Yesterday, we reported a video was published by an Israeli news site claiming to show off the unreleased LG G7 smartphone, a device that was said to have been scrapped entirely. Whelp, it looks like the video was a bit more accurate than we originally thought, as Evan Blass at VentureBeat says the video actually shows off LG’s next flagship smartphone.

According to VentureBeat, the device, codenamed “Neo,” will feature everything the mysterious G7 does in the video. It might even be called the G7 despite rumors that point to LG dropping the G lineup for something entirely different.

The G7 will come with all the 2018 specs you’ve come to know and love

So what do we know about the upcoming G7? For one, it’ll feature a glass body that looks rather similar to last year’s G6 in some ways. However, up front, it’ll be an entirely different game thanks to the notch-equipped 6-inch 19.5:9 3120×1440 OLED display. Under the hood will sit a Snapdragon 845 processor, 4 or 6GB of RAM, 64 or 128GB of storage, dual rear 16MP cameras, a “boombox” speaker, a 3300mAh battery, and Android Oreo. You know, the usual 2018 spec list.

A still image from the video that claims to show off the notch-equipped LG G7.

Notably, VentureBeat had reported on the G7 last month, and they claim the device in question today is the same one from their previous report. The only thing that’s changed is the display tech, going from MLCD to OLED. Other than that, everything else was on point.

Three other LG devices are also reportedly on their way


Interestingly, the G7 shown off in the video was found in a private room at MWC 2018, and so were three other devices. Most notably, a new Android Wear-powered smartwatch was also back there. no details were released about the wearable, but we at least know it exists. In the same way, we also know the LG Q7 and something called the LG V35 exist.

We don’t know when LG might release any of these new gadgets, but the G7 is said to arrive this summer. We’ll bring you more information when it’s available.