The Upcoming OnePlus 6 Might Look Like the iPhone X


OnePlus might be taking some major design cues from Apple for its next flagship smartphone. Last year, the company was accused of copying the iPhone 7 Plus with its OnePlus 5 design, and now, it looks like the same talks can be shared, this time regarding the iPhone X and the OnePlus 6 design.

According to leaked photos provided by ITHome, OnePlus might stretch the OnePlus 6’s display to the very edges of the phone’s body. In return, smack in the middle of the top of the device, they’ll include a notch that houses sensors and the front-facing camera. This is extremely similar to what Apple is doing with the iPhone X which is famous for being one of the first devices to include the notch design.

Not only that, but the OnePlus 6 will also allegedly include a glass back, another aspect of the X. Admittedly, Apple isn’t the only one being copied here: the fingerprint sensor that sits below the camera sensors looks strikingly similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy S9 that was just unveiled over the weekend.

We can’t confirm these photos are legit or prove anything about OnePlus’ next device, so take them with a grain of salt. That being said, it looks like the trend of glass-covered phones with notches is really starting to blow up amongst Android phone manufacturers.

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