Apple’s iPhone X-Infested Lineup for 2018 Detailed in New Report

Three new iPhones, one that’s a lot cheaper, and no bezels anywhere.



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Apple’s 2018 lineup for its iPhone has been detailed yet again, this time by Bloomberg. According to the report, the lineup will include three different models all designed after last year’s iPhone X in which there will be no bezels, big screens, and notches.

For starters, Apple’s expected to offer an iPhone that would directly succeed last year’s X and offer an OLED 5.8-inch display and a stainless steel/glass body. This model would likely see internal upgrades like with the A12 processor. The company’s also expected to debut a larger iPhone X-style phone with the biggest display ever put on an iPhone: 6.5-inches. It, too, will use OLED technology and could include a resolution of 2688 x 1242 (at least that’s what Apple’s currently testing). It’ll also see the A12 chipset. Bloomberg notes the device will probably see software tweaks similar to those made to the current iPhone Plus models whereas the 5.8-inch model won’t.

The third phone in Apple’s lineup will be geared towards providing a smartphone for everyone who may not want to spend $1,000+ on a smartphone. The phone will include a 6.1-inch display which will use LCD instead of OLED. It also won’t use a stainless steel frame and opt for aluminum. This will allow Apple to drive down costs and, hopefully, reach a price of around $700 or $800. Despite this, it’ll still feature little to no bezels, a glass design, wireless charging, and Face ID. (With this, Apple will likely kill Touch ID on iPhones altogether.)

As far as tidbits go, Apple is said to include a gold option for the two higher-end iPhones for 2018. The company tried to offer it with the current iPhone X but was met with production issues so opted not to. Apple’s also considering adding a dual SIM tray to the new iPhones but might choose eSIM technology paired with a physical SIM slot instead.

Apple’s 2018 lineup of iPhones are still swirling around the pool of rumors for the time being, and we likely won’t see anything concrete for at least a few months. We’ll, of course, keep you in the loop as necessary.


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