ZTE today unveiled its new Blade V9 series of phones at MWC 2018. When I say series, I really should say couple since there’s only two phones in question. That being said, both look pretty promising in the mid-range category.


The V9, the more powerful of the two, includes a glass design and 5.7-inch Full HD 18:9 display. It uses a Snapdragon 450 processor paired with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage (a microSD card slot accommodates). On the back sits dual cameras weighing in at 16MP and 5MP. You’ll find a 13MP selfie shooter on the front. There’s also a 3200mAh battery, but it charges over microUSB which, mind you, is totally outdated at this point. You know what else is outdated? The headphone jack this phone includes.

As for the second phone, it’s called the V9 Vita and takes things down a notch. It includes a 5.45-inch HD display with an 18:9 aspect ratio, a Qualcomm MSM8940 chipset, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage (no word on a microSD card slot), dual 13MP and 2MP rear cameras, an 8MP front camera, a 3200mAh battery, microUSB, and a headphone jack. It also uses a metal body instead of glass.

Notably, both phones have rear-mounted fingerprint sensors and facial recognition, although I wouldn’t go as far to say it’ll keep your phone as secure as your finger can considering their prices.

Speaking of which, while we don’t know exact pricing, we do know the V9 will cost under $300 while the V9 Vita will cost under $200. Expect more info on the devices in the near future.