Google Officially Bringing Dark Mode to Android, Could Come with Android P


With Google’s Pixel 2 and 2 XL, users can change the wallpaper to a darker image and receive a dark user interface to match. That’s great and all, but when you consider that Android users have been asking for an official dark mode in the OS for years at this point, the feature remains pretty vague and offputting considering it doesn’t make everything in the OS dark.

Luckily, it looks like this could change.

According to Google’s Issue Tracker, a user asked the company last year for a dark mode in Android 9.0 to accommodate all of the OLED screens on the market since it can help save battery life. The request was sent through to the engineering team at Android, and for whatever reason, Google replied by saying they added the feature and it’ll be present in a future Android release.

Now look, I’m not saying Android P will be Android 9.0 or that Google put the dark mode in 9.0 at all, but historically, Google has climbed a version number for the past few Android releases, and this year, we can expect to reach version 9.0. Also, the user asked for it to be in 9.0, so we could see the mode in Android P when the developer beta drops in the coming weeks.

That being said, we don’t know anything for sure yet other than the fact that dark mode is officially coming to Android. We’ll let you know if we learn any new information.

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