Google has announced it’ll soon begin integrating the Assistant deeper with phones and wireless carriers. Now, you may be a bit confused by this statement. “The Assistant is already on my phone. How can it get deeper integration with it?” Basically, instead of having a universal set of features, it’ll take things a step further and include device-specific voice actions.

For instance, with the 2018 LG V30, the Assistant will be able to take a photo using the device’s wide-angle camera sensor. It’ll also be able to activate Cine Mode. Google says they’re working with manufacturers including LG, Sony, and Xiaomi to get features like this up and running on more devices. They’re also working with wireless carriers including Sprint, Koodo, Telus and Vodafone to make doing things like adding services to your cellular plan, checking your data usage, and contacting customer support possible with just your voice.

By integrating the Assistant into custom hardware and wireless carrier features, Google’s alternative to Siri should prove to be more useful in the long one since it can adjust itself to what features your phone and cell plan have. It should also help OEMs who wanna build proprietary voice assistants that are better suited for the hardware they’re loaded on (cough Bixby cough). If they just work with Google, they can get their custom commands loaded onto the Assistant and build a better AI bot for everyone.

The first signs of this integration should come next week during MWC 2018. Stay tuned.