Apple Reportedly Adding ‘Hey Siri’ Compatibility to Upgraded AirPods


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According to a new report out of Bloomberg, Apple will release a new pair of AirPods wireless headphones this year with “Hey Siri” functionality. Right now, in order to activate Siri with AirPods, you need to touch and hold one of the earpieces. With this newer version, however, you’ll just need to use your voice.

This new edition of the popular AirPods will also reportedly come with a new wireless chip. Apple’s current W1 chip, found inside both AirPods and select Beats headphones, will turn two years old this year so it would make sense to see the company give it an upgrade. It’s unclear what could get better with the chip, but early guesses suggest it could provide better efficiency and/or improved connections between the headphones and your device.

Additionally, Bloomberg also notes Apple is planning yet another version of AirPods for 2019. With this edition, Apple will add water resistance, a feature that remains absent in the meantime. Not much else is known about this version of AirPods, but we’ll surely know more as time progresses.

Bloomberg didn’t specify when we can expect the 2018 version of AirPods to arrive. I’m sure more information will surface about the headphones in the near future so stay tuned.


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