Amazon to Refund $50 Fees Paid to Remove Ads from Prime Exclusive Phones

Amazon’s Prime Exclusive program has taken a turn for the better in recent memory. As of a short while ago, the phones that are a part of the program no longer ship with advertisements on the lock screen, leaving the entrance into the smartphones free for customization by users. Before this happened, Amazon charged a $50 fee to anyone who didn’t want any ads on their device. Now, those who paid the fee are getting refunded.

According to the company, if you paid $50 to get ads removed from your Prime Exclusive phone, you can expect a refund of the amount in the next few business days in the form of credit. It should automatically pop up in your account. With this, Amazon appears to be drifting away from the ads-first approach the Prime Exclusive program initially followed.

That being said, new phones bought under the program will still feature ads, just not on the lock screen. Rather, they’ll appear on the home screen and notification shade where they’re, arguably, less annoying. You’ll also need to deal with Amazon’s pre-installed software. Still, it’s a small price to pay for the discounts you get on the devices in question.

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