Report: Android P to Receive ‘Dramatic Redesign’ and Optimize for Camera Notches

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Google is looking to redesign Android for the next major upgrade, according to a report out of Bloomberg. The upgrade, currently known as Android P to the public and Android “Pistachio Ice Cream” internally, will reportedly focus on a “dramatic redesign” to better appeal to those switching from Apple’s iOS platform. It’s currently unknown what type of changes we can expect, but we should learn more once the first developer preview of the OS is released.

Google will also reportedly optimize Android P for abnormal phones like ones with two screens or a foldable display.

Android P will also supposedly allow for better optimization surrounding camera notches. With the rise of edge-to-edge screens in the last year, companies have begun including notches that sit at the top of displays which house important sensors and the front-facing camera. Essential did this with its first phone, and Apple famously did it on the iPhone X. Now, Bloomberg says Google will make it easier for OEMs to include the hardware feature and design their software accordingly. Again, specifics aren’t known yet, but we’ll learn more soon.

Furthermore, Google is also expected to further integrate the Google Assistant into Android P. Reportedly, developers will be able to integrate the Assistant directly into their apps when Android P ships. By my estimates, we’ll also probably see further Assistant improvements this year, but it remains unclear exactly what.

As some final tidbits, Bloomberg also notes that Android P will improve battery life and fragmentation will still be a steep battle for Google. It’s unlikely many users will get this update on their devices, so here’s to hoping this changes in the future.

Google typically announces new Android releases in May during I/O, so expect the company to do the same for Android P. Additionally, new versions of Android are usually released in August. Between now and then, we expect to hear much more about the operating system so stay tuned.


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