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Apple Will Reportedly Include Animoji in FaceTime and Universal Apps in iOS 12

Apple’s next major iOS upgrade, iOS 12, has been detailed in a new report from Bloomberg. While it’s already been reported we won’t be seeing any major features in the update, Apple will be refining its software and improve features already present.

With that being said, it looks like Apple will be adding some notable features to the operating system. For instance, the company is expected to include Animojis in FaceTime, allowing users to utilize the Face ID camera system to place AR-powered emojis over their faces to communicate with friends. Face ID will also reportedly make its way to the iPad with a new hardware model that’ll likely be unveiled sometime this year if recent rumors are any indication.

Do Not Disturb will also be getting an update with better control over incoming phone calls and notifications. There’ll also be a redesigned Stocks app if that’s your thing. Better integration with Siri and search, multi-player AR games, and a redesign of the way you import photos into an iPad are all also on their way.

Finally, the biggest addition to iOS 12 will be universal app support. While we don’t know a ton, the feature’s been reported in the past as allowing iOS and macOS devices to run the same apps. This is similar to how Microsoft allows apps to run on Windows 10 and Windows Phone with the Universal Windows Platform. This feature could solve the issues currently facing macOS by giving the platform a broader range of apps in its App Store. Of course, we’ll likely learn more about the feature in the future.

While this is everything you can expect to see in iOS 12, next year’s release, likely iOS 13, looks to be even more impressive. Bloomberg says Apple is delaying the release of certain features like a redesign of the home screen and a redesign of the CarPlay interface until next year to focus on refinement. We’ll also likely see tabs in apps on the iPad next year to make the device more PC-like. There’ll also be new Apple Pencil features and improvements to the Mail app. Unfortunately, there’s a good chance we won’t see any of this until 2019 so hang tight.

Apple is expected to unveil iOS 12 at WWDC this June as a developer beta. It’ll be released to the public likely sometime this fall when the new iPhones land.


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