Report: LG to Introduce New V30s at MWC 2018 with 256GB Storage, ‘LG Lens’

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A new report from ETNews is corroborating a previous rumor which stated LG is gearing up to introduce an upgraded V30 smartphone. Known as the V30s, the device is expected to come with more storage and an AI feature that would directly compete with the likes of Samsung and Google.

As for storage, the V30s is said to come with 256GB of storage, twice that of the V30+. And regarding AI, the handset will reportedly ship with “LG Lens.” Essentially, LG Lens is like Bixby Vision or Google Lens in which it can identify objects, locations, QR codes, and more using your camera. It isn’t known if it’ll prove to be more powerful than its competitors, but it looks like we’ll have to wait.

How long, you may ask? It’s said LG will unveil the V30s at MWC 2018 which is at the end of this month. Therefore, we don’t have that much longer to wait. Here’s to the device actually existing and possibly having a surprise in store since more storage and a potentially janky AI feature aren’t very compelling.


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  2. […] to make the phone smarter. LG previously revealed details about the phone in a press release. Rumors also suggest we may see 256GB of storage and something called “LG Lens.” We can’t confirm […]

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