Big Surprise: Samsung’s Galaxy S9 Could Be More Expensive

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 is getting leaked left and right every five minutes, and now we’re hearing that the device could put a bigger hole in your wallet than many were hoping. According to a report out of ETNews, the device could cost 925,000 – 1 million won, or between $875 and $925. That’s over $150 more than what the Galaxy S8 started at last year.

While it does absolutely stink you’ll likely have to pay more for the S9, it doesn’t come as a surprise. High phone prices seem to be all the rage nowadays what with a $1,000 iPhone existing. It would make sense for Samsung wanting to compete at the higher ground Cupertino reached with its latest smartphone, but it comes at the expense of consumers’ bank accounts.

Whether Samsung just wants more money or it genuinely costs more to make the S9, expect its price to go above the $720 the S8 cost last year. We’ll have more on the S9 leading up to its unveiling on February 25th.

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