Apple Might Offer Rebates to People Who Paid $79 for a Battery Replacement


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Apple’s $29 battery replacements for older iPhones are going over pretty well. The company’s having a hard time keeping up with service requests and customers have been satisfied with the result of the replacements. I mean, $30 to get the same speed you had when you open your iPhone’s box for the first time – who doesn’t want that?

Apparently, people wanted this so bad they couldn’t wait until Apple lowered the price from $79 to $29. This means that some people had to pay an extra $50 to get a new battery which isn’t fair. This concerned lawmaker Sen. John Thune who asked Apple about this. In a statement given to the senator (via Recode), the company says they’re exploring this issue and could hopefully offer rebates to those who paid more than others.

Thune asked Apple in a letter this January: “Has Apple explored whether consumers who paid the full, non-discounted price for a replacement batter in an effort to restore performance should be allowed to seek a rebate for some of the purchase price?”

In response, Cynthia Hogan, the iPhone giant’s vice president for public policy in the Americas, told Thune in a reply released Tuesday: “Yes, we are exploring this and will update you accordingly.”

It’s unclear if Apple will indeed offer rebates to those who paid $79 for a battery replacement, but it would obviously be the right thing to do. If you paid $79 for a new battery in your aging iPhone, we’ll let you know if you can expect a reimbursement anytime soon.


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