Amazon is Getting Rid of Ads on the Lock Screens of its Prime Exclusive Phones


Amazon has offered what they call Prime Exclusive phones for some time now. It’s a great way for Prime members to save a few dollars on a smartphone by opting to see an occasional ad from Amazon and having to deal with the company’s bloatware. It’s a small price to pay, really. And now, things are gonna get even better as Amazon has announced they’re getting rid of all advertisements on the devices’ lock screens.

Before, when you woke up your Prime Exclusive phone, you saw some type of ad from Amazon much like with the Kindle. Now, with a fresh software update that’ll begin rolling out tomorrow, you won’t see any ads on the lock screen at all. In fact, you’ll even be able to change the background of the lock screen.

The reason for this change is due to quicker ways of unlocking your phone. Amazon says things like facial recognition and fingerprint readers have basically made the lock screen obsolete, therefore creating a space on a smartphone that’s everything less than ideal to display ads on. Of course, you’ll still be left with Amazon’s Android apps, a dedicated widget, and a few notifications that all show adverts, but at least you won’t be greeted by them every time you check your phone.

Unfortunately, this change does come at a cost. Starting tomorrow, all Prime Exclusive phones will cost $20 more than they do now. It’s not the worst thing to happen, but it’s still less than fantastic since these phones are meant to be cheap.

But hey, no ads on the lock screen.

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