Nintendo to Bring Mario Kart to Phones By Early Next Year

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If you just read the title of this article, you probably think you’re dreaming. I mean, Mario Kart is one of the biggest Super Mario titles to ever hit the market and seems to have a way with gamers from the most passionate to the ones who “like the Wii.” So naturally, it makes sense to bring it to mobile devices, and that’s just what Nintendo is doing.

During an investors call yesterday, the company announced it was working on a new smartphone-oriented Mario Kart variant called Mario Kart Tour. Other than the log and name, we know nothing about the actual game. That being said, Nintendo did say it’ll release it in the next fiscal year, meaning between April 2018 and March 2019.

It’s easy to predict Mario Kart Tour will be a major hit amongst mobile gamers, but if it costs money to play, it may have an uphill battle to fight. Super Mario Run, released back in 2016, has been somewhat of a success only because it offers a free-to-play initiative. To unlock the full game, it costs $9.99. The last time we heard from Nintendo regarding how the app was performing, the company said the app wasn’t generating “acceptable profit.” Therefore, if the company wants a stronger user database, they made need to offer Mario Kart Tour at either a cheaper rate than Super Mario Run or completely free.

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Of course, considering it’s Mario Kart, it may be worth any fees you need to pay in order to play. We’ll have to see if it lives up to whatever status Nintendo gives it when it launches in the next 13 months.


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