You Can Now Bring Your Own iPhone to Xfinity Mobile


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Comcast had originally launched its mobile phone service, Xfinity Mobile, last year before expanding it to all customers in August. Then and leading up to now, you’ve had to buy a new smartphone through the company in order to use the service. This is no longer a requirement as Comcast has announced BYOD. In other words, Bring Your Own Device.

Comcast’s introduction of BYOD may be a bit different than what you’re used to, however. You can only bring in an iPhone 5 or newer and the device needs to work on Verizon. The reason behind this requirement is due to Comcast renting data connections from the red carrier and not another cell provider. Some Sprint phones may work as well, but unless you have a Verizon-locked iPhone or a model that came unlocked, you’ll be pretty much out of luck.

It’s worth mentioning Comcast will let you trade-in your current device for a new one, but that still means you’ll be paying for the new one at least for a while. This entire ordeal also doesn’t apply to those who may want something like a Samsung Galaxy S8. Sorry.

As long as you meet the mentioned requirements and are an Xfinity internet customer, though, you’ll be able to subscribe to Xfinity Mobile. It’s questionable as to whether the service is worth it or not, but it does only cost $45 a month for unlimited data so it may be worth it. Still, if you don’t have a compatible iPhone, you may wanna look elsewhere.


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