Google’s Pixel 2 in Kinda Blue Now Available Unlocked and Through Project Fi


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Google originally launched the Pixel 2 in Kinda Blue exclusively on Verizon. That meant you had to opt for the Verizon variant of the device to get the color. While that’s not exactly a big deal for some, others felt locked out since they wanted the flexibility to use any carrier they choose. Luckily, today brings good news as the Kinda Blue Pixel 2 is now available unlocked and through Project Fi.

If you go to Google’s online store, you’ll see the Kinda Blue Pixel 2 availableĀ for $649 with 64GB of storage. Right now, the 128GB variant isn’t available. The device is shipping starting today, though, so there’s that.

For those of you on Project Fi, you’ll also be able to buy the Kinda Blue phone as well. It’s always nice to have options when buying a new phone, so for those of you who want a blue Pixel 2, now you have the option.


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