Samsung Built a 146-inch Modular TV Called ‘The Wall’

Samsung has dominated living rooms with its TVs in the past, and now the company wants not only your media center but the wall behind it as well. Today at CES 2018, Sammy took the wraps off its new TV it calls “The Wall.” The Wall is a modular 146-inch television set that uses MicroLED technology to illuminate picture and video. It packs an 8K resolution regardless of its size.

Yes, you read that last sentence correctly. And this is where things get interesting.

According to the company, The Wall is modular, so you can essentially take apart your TV and accommodate for the size of your room, TV stand, or (you guessed correctly!) your wall. So essentially, The Wall can increase in size up to 146-inches, although the company didn’t specify exactly how small you can make it. We’re also not sure if they used the total amount of modules available, so this thing could be even bigger than we think it is which would be crazy.

Right now, The Wall is simply a concept, but Samsung plans a global launch at some point later this year. If it does land, customers will be able to enjoy MicroLED technology on their TV. It’s really similar to how OLED works: individual pixels emit their own light and color so no backlight is needed. This is what gives off lush blacks and vibrant hues. However, Samsung didn’t specify what benefits it may have over OLED, so we’ll have to wait and see if new information surfaces.

The Verge wrote a piece on this TV and said that while you can see the seams between modules under bright lighting conditions, there virtually non-existent when watching content. Other than that, we really don’t have a feel for how crazy this TV really is so stay tuned for more.

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