Google is Merging Android Pay and Google Wallet into a Single Service

Google has announced it’s creating a more unified way of paying for things online and in-store. Called Google Pay, the service will provide the same feature set as users already experience when paying for things with their Android phones. Android Pay, Google Wallet, and transactions on the web are some of the areas that will shift over to Google Pay over the coming weeks.

With Google Pay, it’ll be easier for you to use the payment information saved to your Google Account, so you can speed through checkout with peace of mind. Over the coming weeks, you’ll see Google Pay online, in store, and across Google products, as well as when you’re paying friends.

Early adopters of the service include Airbnb, Dice, Fandango, HungryHouse, and Instacart. More partners should jump on board soon.


With today’s change, it also means the ultimate death of Google Wallet as we know it. There’s a great chance Android Pay and Wallet will be combined into a single app in the near future, so stay tuned to find out when that gets released.

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