Google today released a blog post during CES 2018 detailing what’s new and upcoming in the Android Oreo-based upgrade for Android TV. The company is focusing more on the home screen of Android TV in order to present more content to the eyes of viewers and to highlight their favorite streaming sources.

For starters, Google is using a “channel-based, content-first user interface” that presents channels, movies, and TV shows in horizontal lists that highlight what the company thinks you’ll wanna check out next. You’ll also have a “favorite apps” list and a “watch next” option to catch up on things like the latest episode in a television series.


Google says you’ll also have your own set of lists to customize to your liking. Called “channels,” you can specify where you’d like content pulled from, what type of content you’d like to be shown, and what the name of the “channel” is. Essentially, you could make a comedy, kids, drama, or horror channel based on your liking and selections. It may come in handy if you’re a fan of a specific type of TV series or genre or if you have kids at home.

As an added bonus, when highlighting specific content, a small preview will be played right in the thumbnail similar to what YouTube does when you scroll your mouse over videos on its website. Finally, the setup experience for Android TV should also be greatly improved as you’ll be able to install all of your apps, say, on your phone that also have a TV companion. Think of it sort of how you install apps on Android Wear setting it up.


Google didn’t say when we can expect Android TV based on Oreo to roll out to sets around the world, but stay tuned as we’ll let you know when it does.