How-To: Get the Pixel 2’s Portrait Mode on Any Android Device


Google’s new Pixel 2 and 2 XL have many exclusive features you won’t find on other Android devices. A big area that represents this case is the camera which packs its own collection of tools to make your photos better than arguably any other Android device on the market.

However, because developers get jealous, they’ve been porting the Pixel 2’s camera features such as Motion Photos and HDR+ to other Android phones so more people can enjoy the pleasures Google includes in its own devices. Now, developer Arnova8G2 has ported the Pixel 2’s infamous Portrait Mode to work on nearly any Android device.

Called Camera NX, the port enables HDR+, Motion Photos, and Portrait Mode on 64-bit Android phones running Android 8.0 Oreo or above. We tested it on a Moto Z2 Force unit we have in the office and discovered that yes, the feature works. However, it won’t work with anything else other than people, so you won’t be able to take that sweet portrait photo of your coffee mug in the morning. You also can’t use Portrait Mode with the selfie camera, but this feature might come in a future update.

We also tried installing the APK for Portrait Mode on an Android Nougat-powered LG V30 and found the package wouldn’t even parse. Therefore, the app’s strictly designed to run on Oreo and above.

If your phone has Oreo, you can download the Camera NX port APK here. You can also follow Arnova8G2’s thread here to keep up with updates.

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