Apple Will Replace Your iPhone’s Battery for $29 Even if You Don’t Need It

After a bit of controversy, Apple said they would begin offering battery replacements for iPhone 6 devices or newer to compensate a loss in performance due to recent software updates. By getting a new $29 battery, you gain back the same performance you had with your iPhone the day you bought it. Considering that’s all it takes to make your phone faster, many people want in.

Unfortunately, Apple has been denying lots of folks a new battery. This is due to Genius Bar members using a test that determines whether your current cell can hold less than an 80 percent charge. Unsurprisingly, many people’s batteries could hold more than that, therefore preventing them from spending $30 on a new one. This upset many iPhone owners, including one of my friends who had this same experience.

However, as confirmed by MacRumors, Apple has sent out a new internal memo to Genius Bar members which states if a customer asks for a new battery, you are to give it to them for $29 regardless of what the battery test says. Therefore, literally anyone with an iPhone 6 or newer can now walk into an Apple retail location and ask for a new battery. The only caveat is you need to have never had any third-party parts placed inside your iPhone such as a third-party battery. Other than that, you really shouldn’t have any problems.

As a side note, if you recently purchased a new battery for $79, you can walk into an Apple store and ask for a $50 refund to compensate the new discounted price of $29.

Let us know of your experience getting your battery replaced in the comments. We’d love to hear how the process goes.

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