RIP: Google Kills the Pixel C, Removes from Store


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Google today made an unexpected but unsurprising move today by officially killing the Pixel C, as originally spotted by Android Police. Originally announced back in 2015, the device served as a more versatile successor to 2014’s Nexus 9 and allowed for more productivity with its attachable keyboard while still balancing a form factor proper for binge-watching Netflix. Now, the device has been taken down from Google’s online store and will no longer be sold.

Google notes in a statement to the press that if customers still want a versatile machine like the Pixel C, they can grab a new Google Pixelbook that runs Chrome OS. It’s compatible with Android apps and doubles as a convertible for using it as both a tablet and laptop. It’s definitely a lot better than the Pixel C in terms of functionality, but fans of standard Android tablets may not fancy it as much as others.

Still, it’s only right to pour one out for our fallen friend. Rest in peace, Pixel C. I don’t know how many people loved you, but for whoever did, may they find peace with today’s news.


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