Google Chrome Will Start Blocking Certain Ads This February

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Google said earlier this year they would begin blocking certain ads while you browse the web in its Chrome browser. A date wasn’t given for when this change would take effect, but now we know it’ll occur early next year. Specifically, VentureBeat reports it’ll start on February 15, 2018. An update to the browser will be pushed out to users that will enable the change.

Mind you, not all ads will be blocked. Rather, those that are intrusive or spammy that don’t comply with the Coalition for Better Ads will be blocked such as ads that automatically play audio in the background or take up your entire view of a webpage. This should provide Internet users with a better experience while sifting through their favorite websites.

If you’re a site owner with these types of ads on your pages, you’ll need to disable them within thirty days after this change goes into effect. Otherwise, Google will block all of your ads. Put simply, just by taking care of video ads or those that flash at users will save you from users not seeing any of your ads at all.


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