LG Updates Gram Laptops with Better Specs and Battery Life Ahead of CES 2018

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LG has announced its updating its Gram lineup of laptops ahead of a formal introduction next month during CES 2018. Samsung made a similar move this morning as well with the Notebook 9.

With the new Gram laptops for 2018, LG is including 8th-generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and SSD storage, although we’re not entirely sure how much of it you can get. We do know you have the option of inserting another SSD drive, though. LG touts the laptops can now boot in under 10 seconds and users can expect 40% more efficiency while performing tasks.


The body of the Gram is made of a metal alloy that’s passed MIL-STD 810G durability tests to resist impact, pressure, and temperature. It’s the same test LG runs its phones through which are pretty durable to begin with, so the new Gram laptops should also withstand things better when compared to competitors’ offerings.

You also have the option of choosing a 13.3-, 14-, or 15-inch model which weigh two pounds and change. LG is also increasing the battery capacity on the Grams, with the smallest model having 22.5 hours of power, the 14-inch model having 21.5 hours of power, and the largest offering 19 hours of power. Each include a 72 Wh cell.

Finally, the new Gram laptops include a fingerprint reader for Windows Hello authentication, USB-C connectivity, and DTS Headphone X for multi-channel sound of up to 11.1 channels for 1.5W hi-fi surround sound. The fans have also gotten a bit quieter.

Pricing and availability aren’t currently known, but we’ll likely learn more next month at CES.


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