Twitter Now Lets You Natively Send Tweetstorms


The tweetstorm has been at the heart of Twitter since 2014 when the social networking platform allowed threading of tweets. Many have sent their own fair share of rants on the platform using this format, but up until now have had to use a third-party app to do it efficiently. Now, Twitter is adding the feature to its native iOS, Android, and web apps over the coming weeks with Threads.

Threads are literally just tweetstorms. When composing a tweet, you hit a plus icon in the lower right-hand corner of the text field which then lets you send a threaded tweet with however many characters and replies you’d like. This should prove to be pretty useful for those who like to tell a story or get a point across on Twitter.


“At Twitter, we have a history of studying how people use our service and then creating features to make what they’re doing easier,” said Sasack Reddy, product manager at Twitter. “The Retweet, @reply, and hashtag are examples of this. A few years ago we noticed people creatively stitching Tweets together to share more information or tell a longer story – like this. We saw this approach (which we call “threading”) as an innovative way to present a train of thought, made up of connected but individual elements.”

Of course, with this feature, third-party tweetstorm apps will have no business model and will begin to die off. And unless they can find another niche or missing feature of Twitter, there likely won’t be any reviving them.

Expect this feature to hit your device soon.

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