Android Oreo is On Just 0.5% of Devices, and That Stinks

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Android Oreo isn’t doing so well just yet. According to the very last distribution numbers of 2017, Google says version 8.0 of the operating system is currently atop just 0.5% of all devices. This sits opposite of last year’s Android Nougat which has crawled onto 23.3% of devices this month.

There’s a limited variety of reasons why Android Oreo isn’t on more devices, but the most popular seems to be fragmentation. It’s quite simple: no company wants to push out Oreo-based updates to its devices in a timely manner. We’re seeing some phones launch with the software already on board, but others like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG V30 need to wait for their betas to finish in order for the update to be delivered to all users.

This really stinks. OEMs have been able to develop Android 8.0 for their devices since August of this year. That means they’ve wasted four months instead of pushing to get the updates out in a quicker manner. Of course, it’s better to get the upgrade than never and that will likely be the story come next month, but it’s still unfortunate when the only devices you can be ensured are running Oreo are Google’s own.

If you wanna know how the rest of Android is doing, you can view the chart below.

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