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For some time now, Google has allowed users of its Android platform to pre-register for apps and games in order to be notified of that app’s availability. This is especially useful in a game’s case as it can give developers time to stir up hype for its latest installment. Now, Apple lets devs do the same with its App Store, although its version is a bit different.

Rather being simply notified of an app’s availability, the App Store can let you pre-order apps much like you would a physical product. Upon the app’s availability, it’ll automatically download to your iOS, macOS, or tvOS device and your credit card will be charged. Of course, free apps are also available for pre-order as well.

It’s also worth mentioning if you place a pre-order for a paid app and it costs less at launch, the App Store will charge you for the lower price. This should give you peace of mind if a developer decides to charge less for its app at launch than what you paid for.

Being able to pre-order for upcoming apps should prove to be pretty convenient. I, for one, tend to forget about upcoming apps until they’re out, so having the ability to be ensured I’ll get the app upon its release is pretty sweet. Developers should be able to take advantage of this new feature now.


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