Google is Bringing Play and Pause Back to the Home Mini in a More Secure Way

Before the Google Home Mini could even launch, Google had to pull one of its features out of security. This feature, the ability to play and pause audio by touching the top of the device, was causing technical issues thanks to the fabric on top which resulted in the device constantly listening to you and recording everything it hears. While it was a shame to see the feature go so soon, it was something that had to be done. Luckily, it’s coming back, but not in its original fashion.

As a part of the device’s preview program, Google Home Mini testers can now play and pause any outputting audio by long pressing on either volume key on the device without talking. This would prove useful if you’re already next to the speaker when you just wanna stop what’s playing or continue the jams. Of course, the feature isn’t as elegant as just tapping the top of the gadget itself, but at least it’s something.

The update should begin rolling out to all Home Mini users soon.