LG is Selling a Limited Edition $1,800 V30 Covered in Ceramic


LG’s phones tend to have pretty nice designs to begin with. The G6 from earlier this year felt premium in your hand, while the V30 simply one-ups things with gloss and shine everywhere. But for those of you who need more than glass and metal, LG’s got your back.

Exclusive to South Korea and with only 300 available, LG has begun selling a Signature Edition of its V30 smartphone that includes ceramic on the back and front that the company promises will never scratch. Colors include both black and white with no colors on the rear to add “pureness and purity of color,” according to the company. The device comes with the Signature Edition logo, and buyers can even have their names etched on the back.

As for specs, we’re looking at relatively the same V30 we all know and love. There’s the same 6-inch OLED display, f/1.6 camera, Snapdragon 835 processor, 3300mAh battery, IP68 water resistance, and rear-mounted fingerprint sensor. However, there’s a bump in RAM to 6GB and 256GB of storage which may be well worth it in the long run. The phone ships with Android Oreo on board, and there’s also both a wired and wireless pair of B&O headphones in the box.

For pricing, LG is charging a $1,000 premium over a standard V30, totaling $1,800 in US dollars. In South Korea, it’ll run you 2 million won. Whether a ceramic-covered phone is worth it to you depends on what type of person you are. But I know one thing: I’m not that person.

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