Guess What? YouTube is Getting Stories, Too

As if you didn’t already see it coming, YouTube has announced it’s currently testing a version of the popular stories feature found in apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. But while it’ll be taking its own spin on things, it’s clear Google sees opportunity in this space and thinks it can create its product by implementing the feature for creators to take advantage of.

According to Roy Livne, Senior Product Manager at YouTube, Google’s version of stories is called Reels. “Reels are YouTube’s spin on the popular ‘stories’ format, but designed specifically for YouTube creators,” said Livne. With the feature, creators will be able to add 30-second videos to different Reels and add effects like text, music, stickers, and more YouTube-like elements. Multiple Reels can be created and none will expire after 24 hours. In fact, they’ll never expire so you can be assured your subscribers won’t miss anything.


Livne says this feature is meant to “give you easy ways to express yourself and engage with fans.” Whether creating yet another stories implementation will achieve this remains to be seen. For now, Reels won’t see a wide rollout and will be tested with certain creators for the time being. “We’ll be experimenting with a beta version of Reels to learn and improve the product before expanding to more creators,” said Livne.

In addition, YouTube also introduced a variety of other community-focused announcements you can read over on the platform’s blog if you’re interested.


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