Snapchat Can Now Recognize Objects and Scenes And Suggest Contextual Effects

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As confirmed by Mashable, Snapchat is beginning to roll out a new feature to its iOS and Android apps that provides contextual suggested effects for your photos based on what’s in them. For instance, if you take a photo of a turkey, Snapchat will likely give you a filter/frame that reads “what diet?” Snap uses its AI algorithms to intelligently identify what’s in your picture and then presents you with relevant editing tools, kind of how it uses AI to present baseball games if you search for “baseball” in the app.

Images via: Mashable

If this addition isn’t good enough for you to continue using Snapchat – and let’s be honest, most of us are using Instagram Stories every day instead – Snap might have something else up its sleeve. In a conference call a couple of weeks ago, the company teased they’ll be announcing redesigned mobile apps for iOS and Android. However, we’re not sure what the new interface will look/feel like or what new features will be introduced. We don’t even know when it might be released.

So for now, enjoy your contextual filters. Because there’s no telling when the big stuff will arrive.


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