Back in September, Google pulled YouTube from Amazon’s Echo Show for “violating our terms of service” and “creating a broken user experience” when the retailer built its own interface for displaying videos from the service. This meant anyone who wanted to pull up a video with their voice from YouTube couldn’t on the Echo Show. It was expected the two companies would sort through things and get the service back on the smart home speaker eventually, and via a report from, it looks like that time has come.

As you can see in the video above, YouTube is back on the Echo Show but in a new way. Rather having its own custom interface atop YouTube, Amazon has implemented the video streaming service in the same way Google does on your desktop. Subscriptions, autoplay videos, managing your channel, and more are all accessible now.

However, I’m not entirely sure people want this on the 7-inch screen that sits atop the Echo Show. The main interfacing method with any Echo is with your voice so creating a simplified interface for such a device probably would’ve been an easier route to take. But apparently, by doing so, it violated YouTube’s terms of service and it had to be stripped from the device. Now with its new implementation, YouTube is a bit more complicated than before, but it should at least get the job done for most people.

At the end of the day, what really matters is YouTube is back on the Echo Show, allowing those who wish to watch content from the service while performing other tasks on their smart home speaker. Whether a custom interface to better suit the hardware will arrive in the future seems unlikely at least for now, but things may change as time progresses.


Posted by Max Buondonno

Founder and executive editor at Matridox (formally MBEDDED). I've also founded and am the sitting CEO at MBEDDED Media, a new kind of media company. Lover of anything and everything involving technology. I know CSS and basic HTML to an extent. Writer, blogger, critic, coder, and self-certified genius. Oh, and I'm told I'm a legend, if that means anything to you.


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