Apple’s HomePod Could Some Day Ship with Face ID

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A new report out of Nikkei aims to shed light on what the future of Apple’s HomePod could bestow. David Ho, president of Inventec Appliances who produces both the HomePod and AirPods for Apple, says future innovations in the smart speaker space could “incorporate features such as a facial and image recognition.” And if Apple follows this prediction, it would likely mean Face ID would eventually come to the HomePod.

Of course, the exact use case for Face ID on the HomePod is unknown, but one obvious use for the technology would be identifying different people in your household to differentiate which content to deliver depending on the user present. Right now, smart speakers use voice recognition to do this, but facial and image recognition could be next in this category.

Whether Apple will actually include Face ID in the next HomePod remains unknown. An analyst in today’s report suggests Apple could include 3D-sensing cameras in the next HomePod in 2019, but no further reports have surfaced yet that back up this claim. Therefore, we’ll need to sit tight and see what results from these rumors.


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