PSA: You Can Access Apple Pay on Older iPhones By Double Pressing Home Button from Lock Screen


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Apple’s iPhone X has a new side button that can perform various actions when pressed in certain ways. One of those ways is a double press which brings forth Apple Pay so you can quickly pay for something at a compatible terminal. This feature has remained exclusive to the X, but it looks like there’s a similar feature for older iPhones that requires the Home button which Apple’s $1,000 option doesn’t have.

If you have Apple Pay set up on your iPhone 7 or (presumably) older and are running iOS 11, you can double-press the Home button from the Lock screen/notification shade and quickly pay for something. It works exactly like the double-press action on the iPhone X, but you will need to either pull down the notification shade or go back to the Lock screen for it to work on older generations.


We saw the feature on our iPhone 7 running the iOS 11.2 beta so we’re not sure if it’s available in older versions of iOS 11 or not. If you see the feature on, say, an older iPhone or older version of iOS, let us know by emailing us a tip.


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