Amazon has announced a new Fire TV Stick that gets rid of Alexa integration and strips its price down to just $50. The new media streaming stick, formally known as the Fire TV Stick Basic Edition, comes with lesser-quality specifications but at a lower price that many will likely take advantage of.

Specifically, the basic Fire TV Stick packs a quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of storage for storing apps, games, movies, and TV shows for offline use. It offers up to 1080p output to supported televisions and connects over HDMI.

Possibly the best feature of the basic Fire TV Stick is where it’ll launch. Amazon says this Fire TV will land in over 100 countries and territories including Canada, France, Italy, and Spain. This will help Amazon expand its reach for where Prime Exclusive content can be streamed. It also offers a portable streaming package for those who may wanna bring their entertainment player to a friend’s house while not having to unplug a bunch of cables or stuffing a large box in their bag.

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick Basic Edition is available starting today for $49.99 from