Apple’s iPhone X is a shiny glass and metal object that is bound to slip out of the pockets and hands of millions around the world. If one of these incidents happens over, say, concrete or asphalt, it’ll probably wind up damaging the phone someway or another. Considering it’s a $1,000 handset, the owner will probably wanna get it repaired. But wait, he/she didn’t buy AppleCare+! What to do now? Drop a maximum of $549 on a repair bill.

Yup, that’s right. For those of you who don’t purchase an AppleCare+ plan for your new iPhone X, accidental damage could cost you up to $549 (via MacRumors). This would cover things like breaking the camera lens or shattering the back side of the device. Screen repairs are even pretty outrageous at $279.

Luckily, these outlandish charges can be avoided. Back when the iPhone X was announced, Apple said AppleCare+ for the device would cost $199 for two years of coverage. With the plan, you would only need to pay $29 for a screen replacement and $99 for any other damage. This way, you could get your screen repaired twice or pay the $99 accidental damage fee and still spend a lesser total than an out-of-warranty screen repair.

Mind you, these rates are still expensive. $200 for a warranty is a lot of money, but at least when looking at what it’ll cost you if you don’t get the warranty and break your shiny new iPhone X, you’ll likely find value in just forking over the two Franklins. My recommendation would be to just spend the extra money on AppleCare+. Why you may ask? Because who wants to spend more than half a grand on repairs?