After a long wait filled with anticipation, the company's $1,000 iPhone is finally available for pre-order. But it might not be this way for too long.

After a wait filled with anticipation since its debut, Apple has finally made the iPhone X available for pre-order from its website and other outlets such as all four major US carriers. The device, first shown off at a September event next to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, costs a staggering $999 for 64GB of storage and $1149 for 256GB. It’s available in Space Gray and Silver and will formally launch on November 3rd.


This is Apple’s biggest iPhone upgrade since the introduction of the original iPhone back in 2007. It sports an edge-to-edge 5.8-inch Super Retina OLED display with a notch at the top that houses components for Face ID, the company’s new facial recognition system that replaces Touch ID. The new A11 Bionic processor sits inside paired with 3GB of RAM, while the entire device is powered by iOS 11 with tweaks made to better suit the hardware. Wireless charging, dual stereo speakers, dual rear cameras, and Animoji are all on board as well.

Of course, since this phone is packed to the brim with new stuff to try out, lots of people wanna get their hands on it. Unfortunately, it’s likely not everyone will be able to get one at launch or at least for a very long time. Recent reports have surfaced claiming Apple was on track to produce just 20 million units of the iPhone X, half of what the company originally planned on producing. That’s still at least a part of what it needs to keep early customers satisfied for the time being, but for those who order late or decide to pick up a unit on launch day, they may be disappointed by lack of stock. Many suggest Apple will ramp up production in 2018, but until Face ID becomes easier to produce, we may be looking at delays for a long time to come.

Still, it’s exciting to see the biggest revamp of the iPhone to finally hit the market. If you’ve saved your $1,000 for this day, you can go pre-order the X on Apple’s website here. For those of you looking to spend a bit less, you can check out our deals hub where we’re posting all the deals and discounts surrounding the new iPhone X.