The Essential Phone Now Costs $499 Forever


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Essential has pulled a relatively unexpected move by cutting the price of its first smartphone by $200 permanently. Now, if you’ve been holding out on getting an Essential Phone, you can pick one up from all retailers for just $499. This puts the device up against other phones such as the OnePlus 5 which features similar specs and a similar price point.

According to Essential, if you purchase a phone now, you’ll even be given a $200 discount for friends and family to use to either pick up an Essential 360 camera or another phone. If you opt for the latter, the price goes down to just $299 which is ridiculous for a flagship phone in 2017. Essential says this is a sort of thank you to its early supporters.

Why Essential is making this move remains unclear, but one thing’s clear: the company probably wants to move inventory, and one of the only ways to do so is by cutting the price to further attract potential buyers. Of course, the phone’s negative reviews seen across the web may not help it in this case, but it’s still a great deal since it packs 2017-grade flagship specifications.

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  1. […] Monday that comes bundled with a 360-degree detachable camera mod. Instead of costing its normal $499 price without the camera, for today only, it’ll cost just $399 and come with the camera. […]

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